8 Cute Kid Bed Ideas

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Though I don’t have children, I’m constantly being sucked into the world of kid design. There’s so much room for imagination, color, and pattern—three things I love to incorporate into every design I create. Designing a room for a child should be a chance to try something bold and experiment. The practical side of designing for a child can be a little trickier: do you change the color palette according to their “favorite color”? Do you buy them furniture for each stage of growth?

The bed is one of the more challenging design problems for a child’s bedroom. That being said, I always think a piece of furniture should be both beautiful and functional. Here are some of my favorite bed ideas for kids and how they can assist you in designing for children.

Images: (1) Apartment Therapy, (2) Domaine Home, (3) Oh Happy Day, (4) Flickr, (5) This is Glamorous

  1. A simple wood framed Ikea bed is a safe way to go. The low cost will allow you to focus on each stage of growth, and not feel bad when you need to switch. A neutral wood bed frame like this one allows for flexibility in the design like this black and white minimal scheme.
  2. A day bed like this is perfect for a room that doubles as a guest room when people come into town. Plus, it’s a great stage for stuffed animals.
  3. This bunk bed is perfect for conserving space, especially when there are multiple kids involved. This one is an Ikea frame painted red, which customizes the inexpensive selection.
  4. This sturdy bed frame is perfect for a child growing into a full-sized bed and fits the simple color palette well.
  5. This sweet double bed bedroom is perfect when you have the ability to really customize a space.

8 Cute Kid Bed Ideas

Image: The Selby

  1. This is a similar version, but on a more individual level. It’s the bedroom of every little girl’s dreams!

8 Cute Kid Bed Ideas

Image: Style Me Pretty

  1. This red tufted upholstered headboard contrasts nicely with the blue bedding. Tufted headboards aren’t too expensive to get made, and not too hard to do yourself.
  2. (Top image) This rattan bed is perfect for a toddler and has the flexibility to work in a variety of design schemes.

What’s your bed of choice?

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