8 Floor Lamps to Brighten Your Space

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Image: Urban Outfitters  One of my favorite design elements is lighting. It can do so much for your space as far as how it lights a room and affects your mood and daily tasks. Lighting can also add visual interest by accessorizing it the right way. Floor lamps are a great form of lighting that stand independently and don’t need to be hard wired into the room. For this reason they are great for rentals. If you don’t have the ability to change it out, then add it in! Here are some of my favorite floor lamps and how they can fit into your space.

9 Floor Lamps to Brighten Your Space

  1. Atelier Pi Berlin. This lovely red enamel and brass floor lamp is the stuff of mid-century dreams. It has a classic feel with modern touches so it could work in a variety of styles. Try it in both a traditional and modern interior.
  2. Dejoost. This Dutch designed lamp cleverly leans against the wall, thus creating a great conversation starter.
  3. Alex's Closet. A simple way to make a makeshift floor lamp is by adding string lights to a ladder. It creates charm and fulfills practical needs
  4. Not on the High Street. This oversized copper floor lamp is perfect if you need to adjust the lamp for different tasks as it can bend to fit various needs. Plus, the copper is gorgeous and works well as an accent mark.8 Floor Lamps to Brighten Your Space
  5. Another Mag. This gorgeous modern lamp is created with a central bulb held by a tripod. It is perfect for a modern or minimal room.
  6. Apartment Therapy. This DIY copper tri-pod lamp is perfect for those who love to work with their hands and save a dime. This whole lamp, including the shade, was made for less than $50!
  7. Urban Outfitters. This vintage inspired copper lamp is perfect for adding in an old-time flair into a new space. Try it out in various styles of interiors. It’s pretty versatile!
  8. Zuiver. One of my all-time favorite lamps is the arc floor lamp. This one is made of copper, which is trendy and is wonderful for adding light into the middle of the room.

Which floor lamp is your favorite? 


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