8 Kitchen Shelving Ideas

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I have dreams of creating the most gorgeously efficient kitchen. To me, the most ideal kitchen is one that is one, beautiful two, practical and when it happens it’s heavenly! In order to work in the practical party, shelving is absolutely number one on my mind. Here are 8 different shelving ideas to help master the art of creating a practical and beautiful kitchen.

  1. Remodelista. A mix of open shelving and closed shelving. Open shelving has become super popular in the last years and I totally get it. It feels airy and allows the beautiful dishes and cups to look gorgeous on the shelves. But let’s be honest! It’s not totally practical. Sometimes your plates don’t match and dust gets all over them. The ideal solution is to do a mix of both. Show off the good stuff and keep the rest inside.
  2. Punktse. This gorgeous kitchen features open shelving above and closed cupboards below. On the side it features window like displays with greenery to add in vibrant, living objects. So clever!
  3. Julie Blanner. This country kitchen features just a spot of thick wooden open shelves, perfect for setting out the gorgeous products without having to do it to the whole kitchen.
  4. Bella Rose. If you don’t have custom furniture, try installing a piece of furniture to act as a built in. This white shelving unit gorgeously displays a collection of white kitchen accessories. 8 Kitchen Shelving Ideas
  5. Skonahem. These green painted cupboards feature a fun corner open shelving unit, which is perfect for displaying cookbooks. This feature was common back in the 50s and 60s with the streamlined curve.
  6. Remodelista. A fun and cheap way to get shelves is by installing crates on the wall, which can hold all your dinnerware. I love the rustic feeling.
  7. PopSugar. The classic open shelving idea is perfect for holding spices and baking supplies, especially for one who does a lot of baking. I prefer holding items like these versus cups and dishes so you don’t have to worry about the dust.
  8. DIY Showoff. This DIY kitchen-shelving unit is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much but also wants a custom look.

What’s your favorite shelving idea? 

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