8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Courtyard

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As the weather improves, my desire to be inside wanes. If there’s any chance to be outside I’ll take it—and I’m sure I’m not alone! Why not go with the moment and create living spaces outside? Take the same elements of an interior living room and transform them into a great outdoor courtyard with a few simple adjustments. Let’s take a look at how to do so.

8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Courtyard on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Kelly Wearstler; (2) Gardenista; (3) Nelson Barnum; (4) Arch Daily

  1. Beautiful doors. To bring focus to the outside of your home, try adding beautiful doors. Your guests will naturally be attracted to this area if there are doors with large windows to see out of.
  2. Potted plants and topiaries. I LOVE topiaries! They’re like nature’s candy. Use them liberally in clumps throughout the courtyard space.
  3. People friendly. Create living spaces with the right furniture selections, like a table and chairs. And don’t forget the lighting! Create a cozy environment with lovely, little lights strung throughout the space.
  4. Walking paths. Give people the chance to explore through your garden by creating walking paths.

8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Courtyard on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) Tobosu; (6) Indulgy; (7) Courtney Hill Interiors

  1. The more green, the better. I’m a big fan of greenery so the more the better. Add in some lovely ivy on the walls and arches to create a romantic feel.
  2. Lighting! Nothing is more welcoming to an outdoor space than appropriate and cozy lighting like these lanterns. They draw people to the space while providing the right mood for an event.
  3. Fountain. Don’t forget water! A fountain provides a calming effect that can drown out other noises, especially if a courtyard is in a larger city.
  4. (Top image). Movement. Add movement to a courtyard with certain way-finding techniques that will easily lead the guests throughout the space. You can do this by creating paths and focal points. Here a circular walking path was built with gravel while still focusing on the center island with its beautiful topiaries.

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