8 Ways to Embrace the New Boho

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Image: Emma Dime

Boho refers to a style represented by people who reject traditional trends and embrace a nomadic and artistic lifestyle. It can be reflected through both clothing and the home. Though it dates back to the 1800s, it became widely popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s, then again in the mid 2000s. The style has evolved to an elevated class, taking on a combination of ethnic and modern elements. Here’s how to achieve the new boho look in your home.

(Above) Display a textural wall hanging and ethnic fabrics. Combine it with clean whites to update the look, while remaining true to the boho feel. Limit the amount of accessories to modernize it even more, like with this simple lamp and hanging plant.

8 Ways to Embrace the New Boho

Image: Justina Blakeney

A combination of colorful, ethnic fabrics in various patterns keeps with the traditional boho style. The look above is updated with a wall treatment and hanging plant.

8 Ways to Embrace the New Boho

Images: (1) Miss Modular, (2) Bird Trouble, (3) Decoist, (4) Coastal Living

  1. This contemporary boho look is beautifully styled in shades of yellow and green. The mix of pillow patterns combined with a two-color palette is right on target.
  2. For truly modern boho furniture, keep the fabric patterns to shades of solids—try linens. Accent the space with plenty of greenery and a colorful rug.
  3. The boho style is characterized with lots of colorful pillows and poufs. This is a great example. Placed on a solid sofa, the look instantly becomes fresher.
  4. This beachy boho look uses natural, fibrous linens and touches of color here and there. Finish the look by adding a few plants.
  5. A Native American rug adorns this simple kitchen. With a decorative, organic-shaped lamp and a sheepskin, the new boho look is complete.
  6. This is one of my favorite examples of new boho. It’s personalized with bright pinks and greens, and a fun mix of printed and woven pillows. The hanging chair is also a great addition.

8 Ways to Embrace the New Boho

Images: (5) Sabor Latino Designs, (6) Mod-Home

How would you add new boho elements to your home?

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  1. Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got those fabrics? I’m looking for a cool boho/native fresh fabric to cover my chair…preferrably organic fabric.

    Would love it!

    Thanks much!

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