8 Ways to Make Beige Not Boring

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Image: Homeli 

Beige has a reputation for being boring. In fact, my apartment has a major dose of the borings with every wall painted beige as well as beige carpeting. It’s not typically a color associated with excitement or refreshment. That said, it’s a neutral that is easy to sell, easy to live with, and easy to pair up with other colors. However, there is an interesting way to use beige. Here are some of those ways to transform your beige interior and make it into something exciting.

 8 Ways to Make Beige Not Boring

  1. Interior Magasinet. If you have beige walls, freshen up the detailing with something crisper like bright white moldings and wainscoting. The bright white creates a refreshing feeling to the dining area.
  2. The Style Files. The architectural details of this living space are white while neutral accents are placed throughout like beige, grey, and blacks. When using beige, make sure to add in second and third colors to add variety and texture to a room.
  3. Lonny. The beige in this room is balanced by pops of black, which focus on lines and depth. Beige furniture is the perfect canvas for adding in additional accents.
  4. Houzz. The beige walls in this entry are balanced by the gorgeous wood flooring. The contrast between the colors works well because the colors are in the same family. In this instance, beige would be boring if the flooring was in a similar color.

8 Ways to Make Beige Not Boring

Image: The Design Chaser

This neutral bedroom uses beige as accent marks against the white bedding and contrasted against the dark, reclaimed woods of the frame. Get a similar look by using beige in small dosages with throw pillows and blankets.

8 Ways to Make Beige Not Boring

Image: 6th Street Design School

The success of this bedroom lies in the use of beige in several shades. The beige on beige effect feels luxurious when you’re playing around with other textures.

8 Ways to Make Beige Not Boring

Image: Home Bunch 

This gorgeous bedroom uses beige in a variety of ways: on the floor, the bedframe, on the linens, walls, and curtains. The success lies in the specific shades. The colors are chosen perfectly so they are not too brown but run on the grey side.

(top image) Lastly, the most interesting way to use beige is to go overboard. Beige on beige on beige! It will feel layered and luxurious.

Do you find beige boring? How do you use it?

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