8 Wooden Accents To Add A Natural Vibe To A Contemporary Kitchen

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Design by Scandinavian Homes

Of the most common materials one can find in kitchen accessories like porcelain, glass and metal, wood is by far, by definition, the warmest of them all. Nowadays, designers have made it easier for us to source high end, unique wooden kitchen accessories and gadgets with a contemporary vibe to match more sophisticated and modern kitchens. As opposed to the more usual, unrefined and rustic pieces, contemporary wooden accents have a smooth finish, geometric forms and a minimalistic approach to their design. Plus, they are great to use everyday while adding a natural touch to the kitchen decor. Here are my top 8 picks I’d love to have in my kitchen pronto!

01: Hay Field Bread Board // 02: Umbra Shift Crux Mortar and Pestle // 03: Cherry + Cork Canisters // 04: Kami Mug // 05: Japanese Oak Trays // 06: Collected by The Line, Set of Six Petite Assorted Wood Bowls with Spoons // 07: Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers- Elegant Wooden Stones- Design Gift Decor // 08: Walnut Coffee Spoon Long Handle 

What do you think? Do you use wooden accessories in your kitchen? Do you see something in this list that inspires you as well?

Design by Scandinavian Homes

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