9 Ideas to Glam up Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is often the most under-designed room in the house. It’s not a space you typically spend much time in so it generally gets neglected. However, with some simple touches you can change your bathroom from dud to dreamy. Here are a few easy ways to achieve this.

  1. Lighting fixtures: Add some unique lighting pieces like these two arm fixtures on either side of the mirror. Not only are they good for aesthetic reasons but they also add a nice and soft lighting effect.
  2. Jewelry fixtures: A very subtle idea for a bathroom upgrade is to add some fancy fixtures, like gold sink faucets.
  3. All white: There is something so wonderfully glamorous about stepping into an all-white tiled space and this shower is no exception. Sure it may require more cleaning, but it will be worth it.
  4. Built-ins: If you have the option to go all out on a home renovation or new build, try some custom bathroom additions like steps leading to the tub.

http://www.inrichting-huis.com/badkamer/badkamer-met-niveaus/Images: (1) Little Green Notebook; (2) Luxury Jewelry; (3) House Beautiful; (4) Inrichting-huis

  1. Gilded mirrors: Oftentimes homes come with basic square or rectangular mirrors. Take it off and replace it with a gilded oval or round mirror. Your bathroom will feel like it has more personality.
  2. His and hers: If you have the option, try a his and hers bathroom. This one even has it written into the tile under each sink. What a fun idea!
  3. Copper tub: In my glammy dreams I can afford a copper tub. This is the ultimate bathroom renovation idea!
  4. Wallpaper: If you find your bathroom too boring, try wallpapering the whole room in a fun print. It’s my favorite place to put wallpaper.
  5. (top image) Tiled flooring: If you do nothing else, at least try adding a beautiful pattern to the floors. It will give an instant face-lift to the room.

http://www.inrichting-huis.com/badkamer/badkamer-met-niveaus/Images: (5) My Vibe My Life; (6) ...etc; (7) Desire to Inspire; (8) Cottages Gardens

Is your bathroom decorated? What style do you like best?

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