9 Reasons Why You Need the Panton Chair

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In design school I took a class on the history of craft and design. On the last day of class we were asked to bring in our favorite object, or a picture of one, and explain why it was our favorite. I brought in a photocopy of a white Panton chair. Created by the Danish Verner Panton in the 1960s, it was the world’s first molded plastic chair and is considered to be a masterpiece.

I believe the Panton is the world’s perfect chair. It has the most beautiful, sinuous silhouette that exudes a clean vibe, and somehow, magically goes with almost any décor. It has the unique ability to bridge a modern aesthetic with a more glamorous flair. Here are my 9 reasons why you should consider this beauty for your next home purchase.

9 Reasons Why You Need the Panton Chair on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Design Milk; (2) Decor Demon; (3) Houzz; (4) Like Cool

  1. In a simple industrial galley kitchen, the sinuous S shape adds instant elegance.
  2. In a more bohemian bedroom, a sleek black Panton chair adds modernity and coolness.
  3. In a farmhouse-like setting, white Panton chairs at a table emphasize a mid-century feel, yet tie in a present flavor as well. The white on white aesthetic is crisp and refreshing.
  4. In a place of worship, Panton chairs are understated and simple, yet beautiful enough to inspire. Each chair features a gorgeous cut-out cross in the back.

9 Reasons Why You Need the Panton Chair on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) The House That Lars Built; (6) Tom Scheerer; (7) Elle Decor; (8) Ideas to Steal

  1. This is perhaps my favorite way to feature the Panton chair. The white chairs sit comfortably on their own, mixed in with a variety of other styles. It’s modern yet traditional.
  2. Set with other pieces of its time, like Saarinen’s Tulip table, it feels very comfortable. It is then juxtaposed with contrasting styles like the elaborate crystal chandelier and grand piano, which feel very glamorous. Proof that you can do anything with this chair!
  3. Here’s another example of mixing styles in a small dining space. The chairs are perfect for petite space fixtures.
  4. A rustic meets modern kitchen is perfectly accented with a series of black Panton chairs.
  5. (top image) The black versus white motif continues with white dining Panton chairs, contrasted with the black armchairs at either end.

Can you think of a more versatile chair? It really goes with everything! What’s your favorite chair?

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