9 Reasons to Love the Color Purple

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Image: Mix and Chic

I find the color purple to be a difficult color to use properly in interior design. Personally, I find that the color is most successful when used in the right combinations with other colors. I’ve seen many rooms that I love with the color purple that are paired with harmonious colors like a lovely chartreuse green or yummy tomato red. It’s all about what you make with it! Let’s take a look at some of the most successful ways to use the color purple.

Purple Couches Interior
Images: (1) Trendland, (2) Pierre Frey, (3) First Sense, (4) Mint Six Home

  1. In my research on purple, I noticed that there are a lot of purple sofas out there. When I think purple sofa, I think “bold choice”. But in these environments they create such a lovely cohesive space. This pinkish-purplish color is brought to life in an all-grey setting with accents of tomato red. This is one of my favorite combinations of the color.
  2. This example is more of a magenta, but still on the purple scale. The velvet settee brings in its own richness in addition to the color. It’s complemented well by a lovely chartreuse in the background curtains.
  3. The lavender tones in this example are subtle, a bit rustic, a bit glam and altogether right.
  4. Green and purple can be a bit too Barney but in this picture it’s done right with a lovely pink accent on the wall to break it up.

Purple Decor
Images: (5) Bycelina, (6) La Belle Vie, (7) Media Cache, (8) Media Cache

  1. Nanette Lepore’s dressing room is one of my all time favorites. She used a jewel-tone color palette with a purple and green rug, accented by a blue ottoman.
  2. You can’t go wrong with purple flowers and this wisteria at the entrance of a home is a perfect way to set the stage for what lies inside.
  3. This groovy office is all fun with the bright interior palette accented by brilliant golds.
  4. This purple armoire is tactfully placed with a green plant to alleviate the austerity of the color.
  5. (Top Image) Once again, purple proves successful when highlighted by other colors in this office setting, particularly green plants.

How do you use purple in your décor?

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