9 Ways to Display Your Books

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Nothing gets my heart racing more than books on a bookshelf. There’s something so comforting, curious, and beautiful seeing hundreds of books waiting to be read. I like to display books front and center but there are a number of ways to store them to make them easy and accessible. Here are some of my favorite ways to do it.

Above, I love a gold old-fashioned book shelf. These were used in bookstores and libraries to display and hold books temporarily but I love the way they look. The angle of the shelf itself is gorgeous and architectural. This is great if you have plenty of table space.

9 Ways to Display Your Books

  1. Blog Lovin'. You’ve seen books arranged in many different ways but how about turned backwards so the pages show? This is great look if you don’t really need the books to use but more for color and texture.
  2. Mia Linnman. I love stacking books on the floor. Of course, do it in a place where there’s not too much traffic or kids!
  3. Apartment Therapy. Stacking books in a fun shelving unit like these stacking boxes creates energy in a room.
  4. Target. Displaying books in a rainbow pattern has been trendy in recent years. I still love the look!  9 Ways to Display Your Books
  5. Hometalk. Stacking books on a pattern like this tree is such a fun way to do it!
  6. Domaine Home. Rather than stack books vertically, try all horizontal and use the empty space to create little vignettes with fun souvenirs and other little memorable items from around the house.
  7. Handmade Charlotte. This book unit is great for a kid’s space because it allows the kids to view the covers. Perfect for bedtime reading!
  8. Raise The Risk. I love an invisible shelving unit. Here they are stacked on in columns. What a lovely, minimalist look!

What’s your favorite way to display books? 


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