9 Ways to Live in Navy Blue

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Have you noticed that everything is navy blue these days? Navy blue has recently crept up as a new neutral. A strong yet calming color, it can be paired with a number of colors and still look just right. Use it with pink for a preppy feel or with red for a dramatic look. My favorite way to use navy, however, is in a more subtle way. Here are some lovely ways to live in navy blue.

9 Ways to Live in Navy Blue

Images: (1) Field and Sea, (2) French by Design, (3) Hello Metro, (4) The Decorista

  1. Painted brick. If you have a plain brick wall, consider painting it a color like navy. It’s a surprising move—but it grounds the space well and adds a calming effect that only blue can achieve. Pair it with woods and other earthy colors for a mid-century feel.
  2. Navy in the bedroom. Navy is a wonderful choice for a bedroom because of its peaceful quality. It also feels both masculine and feminine. Try using the color in throw pillows or blankets.
  3. Here is the ultimate navy room. With painted walls and fabrics, this navy makes the room feel serious without being too heavy. The addition of a zebra rug makes the space a bit more playful.
  4. A similar feel, this study shows how navy can be paired with contrasting colors, like salmon pink, to feel more feminine.

9 Ways to Live in Navy Blue

Images: (5) The Ugly Duckling House, (6) The Turqoise Home, (7) House Beautiful, (8) Flickr

  1. My absolute favorite way to use navy is in the kitchen. I love a white kitchen, but sometimes it’s not always the most practical solution. Navy cupboards below the counter do the trick!
  2. A close up of the counters. The navy acts as a beautiful canvas against the brightly colored food.
  3. Navy transitions well into a farmhouse look., see the kitchen above with open shelving and rustic pendants.
  4. Navy can also be incorporated into an industrial design, with exposed piping and metallic accessories.

Are you into navy too?

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