9 Ways to Maximize Your Space With Ladders

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Image: Donna Dotan

There are a number of tricks to use your entire living space to its full potential. Oftentimes we don’t think to use the full wall because it doesn’t seem like an obvious or helpful solution, but that is exactly what you can do to take advantage of the real estate you have. When you think up, you’ll be exposed to a whole new world of storage and décor. In order to truly use the space, however, you’ll need a gateway and that portal comes in the form of a ladder. Here are some ways to maximize your space with the use of ladders.

9 Ways to Maximize Your Space With Ladders

  1. Refinery 29. This small NYC apartment took advantage of a subtle architectural feature by placing her shoes at the top. She uses a ladder to access the shoes. It’s both practical and decorative as the ladder becomes a focal point the room and leads the eye up.
  2. Little Green Notebook. This dreamy bookshelf maximizes the space in the room by going as tall as it can go. The roller ladder makes it practical.
  3. Hello Society. This ladder is turned into a storage shelf by placing flat boards across it. Use this technique to create an interesting feature in a room.
  4. Design Sponge. This rustic ladder in an all-white room adds to the collector feel of the space and adds patina.
  5. Rossie Beauty. A hideaway in a room is reached only by ladder, creating a magical world for any child.
  6. Country Living. Don’t forget the kitchen! Use the a-frame ceiling in a space to the max by storing items. Use a rolling ladder to easily access the supplies.

9 Ways to Maximize Your Space With Ladders

Image: The Coolist

These gorgeous bookshelves extend across the length of the room. A rolling ladder eases the process.

9 Ways to Maximize Your Space With Ladders

Image: Domaine Home

This library ascends from the floor to the ceiling. To make it more useful, the shelving unit is divided into two with a ledge for easy access.

(top image) The space nearest a ceiling is often underutilized. Take advantage of the space by creating a shelving unit with a ladder for accessibility.

How do you use ladders in your space? 

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