A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen Renovation

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Image: House 2 Home Design & Build

The phrase “Scandinavian design” may conjure thoughts of lightly colored wood (pine, perhaps), cozy textiles, and the occasional accessory with a handmade ere, colorful pop, or traditional print. While all of these elements can be found in Scandinavian design, this kitchen renovation by House 2 Home Design & Build (H2H) proves that inspiration doesn’t necessarily mean literal translation.

Let me explain. With its clean lines and neutral colors, the space undoubtedly incorporates principles of Scandinavian design. However, it’s tempered by transitional and contemporary details to create a high-end style kitchen with modern appeal. Titled “Modern Envy,” here are some of the projects most notable features:

Two-Tone, Slab-Door Cabinetry

A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImage: House 2 Home Design & Build

H2H thought outside of the design box with their use of, not one, but two cabinet finishes—the uppers revealing their natural wood grain in opposition to the lower cabinets’ solid finish. The cabinetry also incorporates the slab door fronts of Scandinavian design… simple yet functional.

High-Contrast Countertops

A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImage: House 2 Home Design & Build

For work surfaces, H2H selected Caesarstone’s Linen, its natural and finely textured appearance offers a warm and organic look. The lightly-colored countertops provide a high-contrast element to the kitchen’s rich cabinetry (H2H’s favorite aspect of the design) and helps reflect light throughout the space.

Non-Traditional Tile Work

A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImage: House 2 Home Design & Build

Another unique feature of the kitchen is the tile work—large tiles with multi-colored glass accents run vertically from counters to ceiling. The layout is consistent with the clean, geometric lines of Scandinavian design but with a modern twist. The tile accents also provide a bit of color while maintaining the room’s neutral palette.

If you’re looking to incorporate a design style without matching it one-for-one, look to its basic principles for inspiration. Would H2H’s interpretation of Scandinavian design work in your kitchen?

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  1. I have small galley kitchen with medium stain maple color cabinets and pitra gray countertops with ss applicances. i keep existingtile floor that has white, gray,and a peachy tone. ( not fond of peachy color but could not afford to replace it) with that being said I need help picking wall color and back splash ideas. I’m not a fan of bold colors. Any help is appreciated

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