Add Personality to Your Kid’s Room with These 8 Wallpapers

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I love kid’s rooms. There’s so much potential to create a spirit of imagination and playfulness. You can achieve this feel with a number of methods, but I find that the number one way to make an impact is through wallpaper. It can create immediate atmosphere and cohesion in a space. The following are my favorite wallpapers and why they work.

Kids Room Wallpaper
Images: 1) The Boo and The Boy, 2) Blogspot, 3) Babyspace, 4) The House That Lars Built

  1. Vintage green wallpaper. This vintage wallpaper of leaves and greenery is beautiful without being too romantic and appropriate for both boys and girls. A vintage style in a kid’s room is a wonderful way to foster imagination and nostalgia in a room.
  2. Dark wallpaper. This is my all-time favorite kid’s image. The black color could seem harsh, but it’s softened with the colors of the additional decals on the wallpaper. It’s paired with fun bright colored furniture to evoke that child-like simplicity.
  3. Softer black and white. If you can’t commit to such a dark color like the above wallpaper, this black and white floral is a much softer approach. Black and white goes with most styles, so in this context, it acts as a neutral and you can pair most other colors with it.
  4. Wallpaper cut into a shape. This is another favorite technique. Rather than paper the whole room or even just one wall, the designer used wallpaper and cut it to a shape. This example is a giraffe decked out in a vintage yellow wallpaper pattern. It’s sweet and unexpected.

Wallpaper for Kids Room
Images: 5) The Stir, 6) photowall, 7) Media Cache, 8) The Boo and The Boy

  1. Blue and white horses. This is yet another all-time favorite of mine—I love kid’s rooms, what can I say?! This blue and white horses pattern is quite popular right now and for good reason. The watercolor horses are just subtle enough to not be overpowering and the scale is just right.
  2. Multi-colored shapes and colors. In a kid’s room you have the freedom to do pretty much anything you desire and it’s the perfect time to experiment. Why not try it out with a bolder pattern like these jungle animals in a great color palette?!
  3. Monochromatic wallpapers. If you can’t commit to a crazy pattern or color scheme, this simple tree pattern is both whimsical and cool. It would be a great canvas to add colors against.
  4. Geometric wallpapers. But, if you’re the opposite of that, go geometric and colorful! This is another winner because of the great color scheme. The triangle pattern fits will against vintage or modern furniture.

How do you add playfulness to a kid’s room?! Please comment!

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