Alpine Mist: A Design Guide

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Each year, the Pantone Color Institute introduces a new color collection to inspire and bring bold, new colors to the forefront. We’ve partnered with color expert Kate Smith to explore these trends and how they coordinate with our newest colors! From kitchen design to bath accessories, bold beautiful tones paired with neutral bases are replacing the white canvas of yesterday.

Designer: Woodecor | Alpine Mist & Organic White

Alpine Mist’s cool, creamy mushroom-colored base features delicate, crisp veins. The nature-inspired dusty taupe palette entices an organic aura and enables the freedom to pair with both vivid and neutral colors.

Kate Smith recommends pairing Alpine Mist with Pantone colors Primrose Yellow, Flame, Island Paradise, Greenery, or Pale Dogwood and either Birch, Honey Oak, or Cherry Cabinets.

Designer: Scott Salisbury | Alpine Mist

Mixed with Honey Oak wood tones, the texture of Alpine Mist becomes the star of the show! We love blending different material textures for an unexpected design!

Designer: Kryptonite Stone Works | Alpine Mist

Of course, when you pair Alpine Mist with stunning views and sky-high ceilings, you can do no wrong! This modern design even incorporates Alpine Mist on the fireplace for an added surprise.

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