ART IS ALL AROUND: Renoirs Bal du Moulin de la Galette

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The fluidity, attention to detail and spirit of Renoir’s Impressionist classic “Bal du Moulin de la Galette” not only captures the essence of 19th century French life, but also embodies the richness of Parisian culture while staying true to the artists’ signature style and vision.

There are dozens of lives depicted in the grand piece, from the small girl etched faintly in the bottom left corner to the pairs of dancers brining their romance to the Montmartre, and we have assembled a few interiors that reflect the passion, patience, and above all, love, that exudes from this piece.


Renoir’s color preference is clear, as the artist used rich navy and a sunny yellow throughout much of the painting. Photo courtesy of Kathy Morgan


The eloquent use of brass, the opulent lighting fixture and varying textures make this traditional French kitchen the perfect home for the Impressionist work. Photo courtesy of Kriebel Design.


The gorgeous green ceiling with wood beams and chandelier is a subtle nod to the rich greenery and elegant fixtures in the painting. Photo courtesy of Vanguard Studio.


The gentle uses of red in the piece effortlessly direct the viewers’ eyes to the center of the painting, much like this accent in this more contemporary bathroom. Photo courtesy of Harrell Remodeling.


The blue stripes on the young woman’s dress are incredibly Parisian-chic and the look is wonderful in this charming sitting room. Photo courtesy of Colleen Steixner Graphic Designer.

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