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Doug Burdge is the creator of "Rustern" style---a combination of rustic and modern aesthetics. With help from you, we put together a few questions for him about this unique blend of styles and how to achieve it in your own home.

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1. What are the essential elements of rustern style? If I'm starting to incorporate this type of style into my home, what are the first few items I should concentrate on?

The word Rustern is a combination of the words “Rustic" and “Modern". So Rustic Design could be a simple contemporary space where you add some eclectic touches in the form of rustic and older items. An example would be a clean simple furnished living room with contemporary couches where you add old barn beams to the ceiling. Or you find an old rustic coffee table to go with your modern sofas in the living room. The Rustern elements can also be in form of art pieces placed throughout the space. Or even old old reclaimed wood floor in an otherwise contemporary space.

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2. I like to include bright colors in my home. How do I incorporate bright colors into Rustern design?

Every space should have a little added brightness and adding the right colors works very well with a Rustern Design. Some people feel like you can't use bright colors with modern style, but the right combination actually works very well. We do suggest keeping the bright colors in a theme or family, so if you like blues tones, you would pick all of your bright accent colors from the blue family. Next, add some soft or light blue tones to calm your eyes as they move around in your space. Just don’t overdo it!

3. We want to renovate the kids room and we want to keep it young and playful but also blend well with the rustern style of the rest of the house.  What would you recommend we do to make that happen?

In a space like a kids room, I would say you go with some simple clean lines for the main furniture pieces. Then, add the rustic touches with other small furniture pieces, like some small reclaimed wood side tables or bookcases. You can also have art frames or bulletin boards, made from old barn wood. There are also some companies out there, that makes some great rustic lighting fixtures. Take a look at Shades of Light for some fun kids lighting options.

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4. I just moved into a small condo with limited storage.  What do you recommend using for additional storage that doesn’t take away from the rustern style?

I would suggest that you find a fun old rustic armoire and/or trunk. It will then act as both the extra storage you need and will add the rustic element of design to your space. A fun old trunk makes a great coffee table, paired with a nice contemporary couch.

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