Bathrooms With Round Vanity Mirrors

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Photo from CM Natural Designs

Round mirrors seem to be quite popular these days. You can spot them just about anywhere in a house, from a well-attained entry to a stylish living or dining room. Needless to say, round mirrors look wonderful inside a bathroom as well. Their clear geometric form complements almost all vanity styles and add an extra touch of character even in the simplest of designs. I love how they work equally well as a pair over a double vanity or as a single statement piece. They can fine tune the design of the bathroom to a more contemporary, eclectic, modern, country or chic style depending on their design and material. A matching lighting fixture, like a sconce next to it or right above or a mini pendant that is hung off-centered, completes the look while bringing depth and function. Below, you can find 5 round vanity mirror pieces I currently have on my radar.

Photo from Brown's Plumbing and Gas

01: Expedition Wall Mirror // 02: Montara Mirror // 03: Infinity 24'' Round Brass Wall Mirror // 04: Anurhada Round Wall Mirror // 05: Holden Mirror, Black

Photo from Veronica Martin Design Studio

What do you think? Are you a fan of round mirrors? Would you place one in your bathroom (or any other room of the house for that matter)?

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