Beautiful Black Kitchens

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Image: Elle Decor UK

Gleaming white kitchens are everywhere, but what about their polar opposite? I'm talking about dark obsidian black spaces that are just as functional and a lot more dramatic. A black space can be the key to creating a warm and cozy environment, perfect for cooking with loved ones and entertaining. The best part is that a little black can go a long way; it doesn't have to be floor to ceiling or wall to wall for impact.

Beautiful Black Kitchens

Image: Oliver Yaphe

Consider the options: black cabinets, black granite, black appliances, black fixtures, black floor rugs or tile, a black ceiling or accent wall. I could go on, but you get the idea that there are a lot of options available out there to experiment with.

Beautiful Black Kitchens

Image: Fantastic Frank

My favorite look is when paired with natural wood tones. The warmth of the grain really evens out the feel and keeps black from feeling too serious or dismal, but it really plays well with just about any other hue you can think of.

Beautiful Black Kitchens

Image: Elle Decoration

My second favorite partner is, of course, white. They are so graphic in my opinion as the two extremes of the color spectrum placed side by side. I love the split wall above with the black tile backsplash and white half wall. (And because there's also wood it's basically a trifecta!)

Beautiful Black Kitchens

Image: Design to Inspire

So what's the verdict? Would you brave a black kitchen in the name of design?

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