Beautiful Sinks

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Image: Better Homes & Gardens

When you walk into someone's kitchen what's the first thing that immediately draws your eye? It might be the countertop, the appliances, or the lighting. But for me it's the kitchen sink. I've been lucky to have sizable stainless steel ones in most of my kitchens, but the variety out there these days is truly amazing.

Beautiful Sinks

Image: Wayfair

This double-bowl farmhouse sink is a twist on the classic, using one of my favorite materials – stainless steel. That heavy-duty apron front is just gorgeous and I love the way the entire piece is set into the granite countertop surface.

Beautiful Sinks

Image: Style Me Pretty

This single bowl farmhouse style might be my favorite. I love the huge size, the curved edges, and the faucet they've chosen. It all just looks so clean and fresh, perfect for the spring weather that I've been daydreaming about!

Beautiful Sinks

Image: Linen and Lavender

Talk about a showstopper, a sink with a sloped pan is the stuff dreams are made of. While I usually prefer something with considerable depth (I'm messy), this shallow beauty or something like it would be welcome in my kitchen any time. The dark stone it's carved out of gives such a dramatic look.

Beautiful Sinks

Image: Decor de Provence

Okay, okay maybe that's not the only shallow sink I have on my mind. This rustic set up is beautiful and makes me think of a little old Italian lady slaving away in the kitchen, making a delicious red sauce for her family's Sunday dinner. In this case I think the sheer real estate of that sink more than makes up for its lack of depth.

Beautiful Sinks

Image: Hello Lovely Studio

Meet the best of both worlds. This marble beauty of sink has it all figured out, a lovely deep washbasin partnered with a raised platform to lay dirty or clean dishes upon. Wouldn't that space also make for the best food prep area? It's just so good.

What does your dream kitchen sink look like?

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