Add Some Luxury to Your Bedroom With These Fabulous Fur Throws

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Image: Architectural Digest

Ok. It seems autumn is officially here. Despite intermittent warm-ups, most days are crisp and cool with each night feeling chillier than the one before. Leaves are changing, hot drinks are spiced, and thermostats are up. It’s true. Cold days are upon us. And with forecasts of winter-like weather on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to add a few extra layers to your bedding. There are many options—from wool to goose down—but few can top a luxurious, fur throw!

A Favorite among Designers

Fur Throw White Bedroom
Image: Elle Decor

Writing this post presented many challenges, but for the best reasons! It seems most of my favorite bedroom designs include a fur throw or blanket. No matter the time of year, designers and stylists often turn to the material for an added touch of sophistication. Offering both color and texture, fur is the perfect element for any space. In fact, when One Kings Lane asked designer Ryan Korban to name his favorite pattern, he adamantly responded, “fur!”

Fur Throw Purple Bedroom
Image: One Kings Lane

A Cozy Addition and Energy Saver

Fur Throw Cream Bedroom
Image: Nuevo Estilo

Aside from its aesthetics, both real and faux fur offers a much needed layer of warmth during the cooler months. Since recommends an overnight thermostat setting of less than 68°F, extra bedding is a must! So, not only can you up your bedroom’s coziness, but you can also lower energy use and bills with one, chic investment.

Fur Throw Beige Bedroom
Image: Architectural Digest

A Versatile Accessory

Fur Throw Chandelier Bedroom
Image: Lonny

Fur undoubtedly works in bedrooms of all styles. From contemporary to transitional to other, the texture’s versatility is only matched by its range of available options. With varying colors, patterns, thicknesses, and sizes, there’s a fur throw for every bed and budget. Faux fur also offers an alternative for those who are opposed to using the real deal.

Fur Throw Grey Bedroom
Image: Nuevo Estilo via Desire to Inspire

Is fur a viable option for your bedroom?

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