Black Floors: 4 Reasons to Have Them

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Image: Graeme Boyle; Design: Techne Architecture and Interior Design 

Here I go again: something has caught my eye and I’ve decided to share this newfound interior design lust with you. Aren’t you lucky? Today, it’s black floors. I suddenly seem to be seeing them everywhere, and, frankly, I can’t get enough! As some of you already know, my own floors at home are dark brown stained concrete—I like to say that they look like brown leather floors (because they do)—so dark floors are not a new passion of mine. But these amazing black floors deserve some attention of their own. I want to share four reasons why you need to have black floors:

1. To Create Drama via Contrast

Black and white are the two colors most people associate with creating contrast in interior design, so when you have black floors and white walls and woodwork, you’ve hit the motherload of contrast—and that, my friends, is what gives this first image its drama.

2. To Emphasize Your Minimalist Style

Black Floors: 4 Reasons to Have Them

Image: Oliver Yaphe 

That same contrast can work wonders in a space devoid of baseboards, trim, or any of the other usual woodwork in a room. Bring in a few simple pieces and you’ve created a minimalist masterpiece with black floors.

3. To Create Sophistication

Black Floors: 4 Reasons to Have Them

Design: Jason Gnewikow and Jeff Madalena; Image: Design Sponge 

Inheriting regular, perhaps worn and dinged up wood flooring in your home? Do what these guys did and use India ink to dye that flooring black and before you know it, you’ll have created sophistication where before there was blah.

4. To Highlight Woodwork

Black Floors: 4 Reasons to Have Them

Design: Tine Kjeldsen; Image: Remodelista 9

It sounds strange, but if you have woodwork that you want to emphasize—like the door in the photo here—paint that woodwork and the adjacent floor black and you’ll see the wood come to life in a brand new way.

Are you ready to bring black floors into your home?



  1. I really like this idea of black floors. It’s so different but stunning! I love the contrast and what you said with the last photo, bringing out the woodwork by painting both the door and the floor black.

    • Hi Rebecca — thanks so much for your feedback. I’d love to hear if you decide to go with black floors somewhere in you home. Let us know!

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