Black is Back: Make a Statement with Black Tile

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Image: Home Decor and Home Design Ideas

It’s no secret that visual interest, even drama and mystery, can come from using dark paint, dark pieces and dark surfaces. So it will come as no surprise that black tile is one of my favorite design elements. Black tile can be bold and graphic or subtle and understated. Let’s take a look at a few ways black tile can make an impact in your rooms.

Graphic Appeal

Can we agree that this bathroom above is unforgettable? Black tile accented with white tile, creating a message, is the kind of space you don’t see every day. I find the black tile makes this room feel like it’s floating in space and goes on forever.

Modern Zen

Black is Back: Make a Statement with Black Tile on the Interior CollectiveImage: The Design Chaser

Matte black mini-subway tile creates a subtle and refined backsplash. This is the kind of design detail that, while supporting the cast of elements that make up a room, provides something special. You know you’re in a well-conceived space when you see a detail like this.

Focal Point

Back to Black: Make a Statement with Black Tile on the Interior CollectiveImage: Kristin Petro Interiors

Throughout the centuries, fireplaces have played an important role as the hub of the home; the life-giving source of warmth. While fireplaces in most modern homes are more decorative than functional, there’s no reason not to highlight them. This fireplace is the clear focus of the room and is given even more weight by the use of black tile as a somewhat monolithic floor to ceiling statement.

Sparkling Jewels

Back to Black: Make a Statement with Black Tile on the Interior CollectiveImage: Studio H

Black tile in the swimming pool sounds like a great industrial design concept to me – not that I ever have an issue with industrial design. But, after seeing this pool with its black tile edge, there’s not a hint of the industrial to be found. This is pure glamour and elegance. But that’s black tile for you: always making an impact.

How have you used black tile to create an impact in your rooms?

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