How Using Brick Indoors Can Add Character to Your Home

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Image: Design Elements

Brick is often relegated solely to exteriors or fireplaces – two locations where that material is so expected we often don’t notice or appreciate it. With the rise of loft living over the past few decades, brick is being seen more throughout modern interiors, but that does not always mean it is more noticeable. If you’re looking for inspiration around using brick in your interior design, these ideas might be just what you need.

Bright White Texture

This brick wall has been whitewashed and provides a terrific backdrop for the mix of mid-century and minimalist furnishings. The clean aesthetic is made more interesting by the addition of texture the brick brings.

Accent with Brick

Brick Accent Window
Image: French By Design

This room is modern with an industrial edge thanks to exposed pipes, stripped woodwork, and the beautiful brick accent under the window. More than that small area would have been overpowering here.

Bold Color

Brick Wall Accent Color Green
Image: Designspiration

Painting a brick wall with a rich accent color like this green creates focus in the space and also modernizes the look of the brick. I’ve seen this used effectively in rooms where the brick is either an odd color or a wall is created using a variety of different kinds of bricks. The paint brings uniformity—but be sure to prepare the brick appropriately before painting in order to keep the look long-lasting.

Today's Brick

Brick Modern Fireplace Black
Image: Molteni&C

New construction can use modern brick in a variety of finishes and colors to create rooms that are fully of the present while giving a nod to the past. After all, what’s more traditional and reassuring than the brick fireplace? Who can deny the beauty of this modern version?

How have you used brick in your interior design?

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