Bring Mid-Century Modern Pieces into Your Decor

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When it comes to injecting personal style into your home, I tend to favor choosing items that reflect who you are and how you look at life. For projecting a sense of relaxed confidence, there’s nothing better than adding mid-century modern pieces into your existing mix. Here are a few ideas on how to do just that.

Go Big

Modern Furniture
Image: HermanMiller

One way to employ mid-century style is to dive right into the deep end and bring in a few iconic furnishings, like the Eames-designed sofa and lounge chair / ottoman set shown here. Sweep everything else away, adds a couple of strategically selected accessories, and you’re done. There’s a real statement being made when a room is based solely on a look like this.

Just One

Modern Decor
Image: Retail Design Blog

If throwing your whole budget at new items for your space is a bit too much to take on, but you want to really commit nonetheless, choose just one key addition. Something like the classic mid-century “PH Artichoke Lamp” can be the key starting place for a style overhaul. It’s the kind of thing that when added to any space says, while you’re clearly worldly, you’re also a little wild.

Start Slow

Modern Home Items
Image: Hive

And if you just want to wade in ankle-deep to see if the mid-century modern style is really for you, just find an accessory that speaks to you and start there. There are plenty to select from, like this Nelson Asterisk Clock or the Eames Hang It All, and typically require less of a commitment to making a style statement. The Hang It All was originally designed for kids, so you know it’s going to work in almost any space, being friendly while still looking great.

How have you brought Mid-century Modern style into your home?

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