Bringing Marble Designs into Your Home

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I’m such a fan of marble…aren’t we all? (Remember my last marble post about non-traditional ways of bringing marble into the home?) It’s luscious and clean and so smooth. I’m also a big fan of Caesarstone’s new marble inspired quartz collection, so I’m glad I can take a moment to talk about it here on their blog. They provided me with some of their samples and I was immediately struck with the beautiful imagery of the photography.

The top image of their Classico line brochure features an organic collection of fungi cascading in ombre colors set against their cool London Grey and Piatra Grey color lines. One of my many jobs is an interior stylist so I appreciate the way the marble texture provides a softening depth to the images. In my dream world, I have slabs of marble to use as props for my photo shoots. It’s that same luscious depth that looks so elegant in a home, whether the style is classic or modern. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that marble can enhance your home.

Marble Texture in Modern Kitchens

London Grey Caesarstone Marble for Kitchen

This image of a sleek, modern kitchen shows how marble enhances the geometry of the clean-lined kitchen.

Ways to Use Marble in Your Home
Images: (Left) Architectural Black, (Right) Decor Pad.

Here the marble pattern creates a modern feel in both kitchens but in two very different ways. They aren’t necessarily used with Caesarstone’s marble inspired colors, but very well could be with a London Grey or Frosty Carrina. On the left, the stone appears to wrap around the counter space creating an inventive sleeve. The marble backsplash on the right adds more of an artistic touch with it’s shape and on the wall.

Marble Texture in a Dining Space

Ways to Add Marble into Your Home for Vegetables
Images: (Left) Caesarstone, (Right) Pinterest.

The marble used in the image on the right, creates a clever ledge to display pictures and accessories. The low-sitting placement just above the floor allows the observer to notice the fine, organic veins of the stone.

How would you use Caesarstone’s marble inspired collection in your home? And what’s your favorite type?

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