Caesarstone and Oki Sato from Nendo's Stone Garden at ICFF

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Preparing for any show or event is a significant undertaking. Time, effort, thought, money, strategy, and goals are all part of the process. For me, ICFF brings a very unique set of objectives. As always my goal is to present Caesarstone in an innovative, meaningful way. Which is why having the opportunity to partner with Nendo and conclude the World Tour of the Stone Garden at ICFF in New York City is thrilling.

I’m taken back to my days in college when I interned in SoHo Art Gallery and had the privilege of working with the most talented, creative minds of the time – Julian Schnable, Mary Boone, Leo Castelli, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring….it was a remarkable . Oki Sato is truly an artist – the way he thinks, the way he sees, and the way he creates is so exciting.

With each city, Oki Sato reconfigured the Garden, the space and the absence of space. He carefully places each stone so it has a purpose and logic and a completely fresh and unique impact. It is art, it is rare, and it is thrilling.

The ability to share this beautiful way to view Caesarstone in my hometown, is a gift. While the pressure is on, there is no doubt that those fortunate enough to experience the Stone Garden will be inspired. And at the end of the day – I can think of very few things that are more meaningful than that……

I hope to see you in New York City May 18-21 at the Javits Center for the last showing of the Stone Garden! We’re in booth #2212. For more information about the event click here.

Here are a few of Nendo’s other works:

Images: Swarovski elements with glass
Images: Starbucks Espresso Journey
Images: Puma House Tokyo by Nendo
Images: Nomade shade for Louis Vuitton

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