11 Calendar Designs to Start the New Year Off Right

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I love calendars! I love the idea that something beautifully designed is also practical and can be viewed as art. There are a lot of independent artists creating sensational designs for the upcoming year. Here is a collection of some of my favorites for 2014.

1. This Scandinavian floral calendar adds fresh flowers to your space all year round.
2. This monthly calendar is the 9th edition. Each year the designer creates different sayings that spell out the months.
3. This 3rd edition calendar print is a hand-pulled screen print from a designer in London.
4. This beautiful letterpressed calendar is made from a hand-carved wood block. Look at that incredible detail!

2014 Calendars to Ring in the New Year - on The Interior Collective

5. This floral year calendar is based on a tea towel from the same shop and the months are perforated so you can tear them off. So clever!
6. This Kate Spade calendar comes with a cute stand and showcases beautiful calligraphy and fold foil printing.
7. This hand-painted monthly calendar was devoted to a love of geometry and colors. Each month features a beautiful mix of colors.
8. The Stendig is a classic! I got my first one a couple of years ago. I love the huge scale and cleanliness. Plus, when I was done with it, I used the pages as wrapping paper. Two in one!
9. Rob Ryan’s hand-cut creations are displayed in this monthly calendar. I always love his color combinations!
10. This fruits and flowers monthly calendar was specifically made so that you can frame the prints afterward. So thoughtful of them!
11. Norwegian designers, Darling Clementine, produce impeccable designs year after year. I always look forward to their new calendars like this new Ikonik line. I love how they used the color purple.

Do you buy a calendar? Any of these strike your fancy?

Images: 1) The House Lars Built 2) Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar 3) Karolin Shnoor 4) Unknown 5) Lisa Rupp Design 6) Kate Spade 7) My Shopify 8) Stendig 9) Rob Ryan 11) Unknown 10) Darling Clemintine

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