California Beach Style

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Today we're heading west to explore the magical mix of modern design and sun-soaked charm that is California beach house style.  This style is primarily based on the contrast between architectural, modern furniture and surf and turf-inspired natural elements with optimistic pops of color and vibrant patterns as accents. It can be as high or low-end as you like because California beach style is above all about being laid-back and authentic, so the only real "rule" is to be true to yourself.

Beach Bungalow Style
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This room might be a little spare if it were all white, but the wood paneling adds a time-worn sense of richness and warmth. Notice the use of native-inspired patterns on the rug and furnishings; this is a design motif that often pops up in California beach house decor.

Beach Bungalow Style
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Looking for something a little more luxe? This California home has all the upscale style of a modernist beach house, but the bright colors of the artwork give it a sense of playfulness. Not to mention the wall art made out of old skateboards.

Beach Bungalow Style
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The free-standing fireplace is a classic of California beach house style and easily incorporated into any home. The copper patina of this particular version is exceptionally gorgeous.

Beach Bungalow Style
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Free-standing fireplaces aren't great for every home, but even regular versions can be given a California beach house spin with the addition of a few minimalist touches. The wood-carrier is practically perfect.

Beach Bungalow Style
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Danish modern dining set? Check. Native-inspired natural rug? Check. Framed photo of the ocean and mid-century chandelier? Check and check. Any of these elements are gorgeous on their own, but when put together become a wonderful example of how anyone, anywhere can incorporate a bit of California cool into their space.

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