Celebrating French Influence on Interior Design

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Image: Carnet d'Intérieur

The more I define my interior style, the more I realize that I tend to lean towards French design. There’s something so romantic and ethereal, yet historical about the French aesthetic. In a modern vernacular, the style continues to remain strong with its reverence towards the past and embrace of the present. The following interiors celebrate the distinctive French design and include some tips on how to recreate the look for your space.

  1. The rococo interior of the 18th century was marked with extravagant frills and ornamentation. The style can be overwhelming but when set in a modern context and paired with cleaner design lines like the simple frame in this office vignette, it comes across as fresh. The color palette is romantic yet clean.
  2. Here’s another example of a rococo table. Its shape is similar and highly ornamental, but paired with weighty antiques (like the Asian décor) that hold the room down.

Celebrating French Influence on Interior Design on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) House Beautiful; (2) Delight By Design; (3) Posh Home; (4) The New Victorian Ruralist

  1. The French settee is a wonderful piece that has become lost in the modern world. The piece was created to encourage intimate conversation and today it can be a beautiful accent in a corner or the entry.
  2. The day bed is a lovely way to add a dash of French into a room. Pair it with lots of throw pillows to enhance the modern sense of comfort. This room is still modern with a more industrial-like coffee table and simple décor on the mantle.

Celebrating French Influence on Interior Design on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) Avant Gardenist; (6) Viewmasters; (7) A Perfect Gray; (8) Lamb & Blonde

  1. This French bathroom has a beautiful tub on traditional tile. The draperies are full and abundant.
  2. Once again, it’s all about the patterned flooring. The French are great at creating a wonderful dark vs. light pattern, which highlights the architecture of the room.
  3. The French bedroom is designed with rich details from floor to ceiling, like a post bed or this draped wall hanging. The fabrics are textured and not spare.
  4. Once again, a lovely post bed that showcases the space of the room.
  5. (top image). This modern French interior embraces the history of the space and highlights it by using a robin’s egg blue, and adding in complementary, contemporary furniture.
  6. What’s your preferred style?

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  1. Brittany, I’m a major fan your blog The House Lars Built, which is what led me here. Now I’ve bookmarked Interior Collective and so appreciate your posts. Your style and talent are both a joy and inspiration.

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