Celebrity Bathrooms

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Design: Made LLC; Image: Elle 

Now and then, when I’m daydreaming about having a very (VERY) large budget for a new home, I turn to the unreal-to-me lives of celebrities and their abodes for inspiration. There are plenty that I wouldn’t touch with a proverbial 10-foot pole (money does not equal taste, in case you haven’t heard), but then there are those that are very appealing. Here are a few that I particularly like:

Julianne Moore

There’s so much about this first celebrity bathroom that I would emulate in my own. Specifically, the mid-century modern feel of the double sink vanity. It seems like a piece of furniture—the way it’s set on legs and the design of the cabinetry both help with that. I also really like the marble-surrounded tub sitting in the middle of the room on top of the old wood flooring.

Michael Bay

Celebrity Bathrooms

Design: Lynda Murray; Image: Roger Davies for Elle Decor 

First of all, if you were to argue that film producer/director Michael Bay doesn’t really qualify as a celebrity, I wouldn’t fight back. But I would argue that his gigantic and luxurious bathroom, shown above, is worthy of the same kind of envy as any others I’m including here. That shower is really terrific.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Celebrity Bathrooms

Image: AOL 

It’s not a celebrity interiors post without mentioning SJP (and, of course, husband Matthew Broderick), and the bathroom this New York townhouse shows off why. The separate double vanities with a lot of industrial chic appeal, plus their floating mirrors positioned in front of windows are the features I’d like to steal.

Will Ferrell

Celebrity Bathrooms

Design: Shawn Henderson Interior Design; Image: Architectural Digest 

Who knew that funny man Will Ferrell was one who would go for such a sophisticated look? All that marble, the sleek contemporary vanity, and the double shower are design elements that show quite a refined side.

Do you have a favorite celebrity bathroom?

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