Celebrity Chefs and Their Home Kitchens

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Writers have their offices, artists have their studios, and chefs have their kitchens. I’m always fascinated to see the space where an expert works. I would assume there’s a lot of thought put into the functionality, feeling, and durability of the space – even more so when the space is the set of a TV show. The set must portray the personality of the celebrity host while still functioning as a working space for the many people off camera. I’m naturally a snoopy person when it comes to private spaces, so I was thrilled when I came across the kitchens of some of my favorite celebrity chefs. You can definitely see how the spaces reflect their personalities.

Ina Garten's Clean and Elegant "Barn"

Ina Garten Kitchen
Image: Food Network

She calls this space her barn, but it’s so much more sophisticated because of the white built-in features, sleek black countertop, and open shelving displaying her beautiful dish collection. What was noticeably missing to me was the appearance of overhead lighting. She insists on table lamps because the glow is warmer. Fun idea!

Ted Allen’s Chef-Friendly Kitchen

Ted Allen Kitchen
Image: Food Network

Everything in this kitchen is exposed, from the hanging pots and pans, to the dishes and bowls on shelving, to the food. He says that this encourages guests to join in and help create. His dream island is made of pietra cardosa, a mix between granite and slate, which is a bit harder than soapstone.

Jose Garce’s Outdoor Kitchen

Jose Garce Outdoor Kitchen
Image: Food Network

Garce’s farmhouse sits on 40 acres, 10 of those for farming, in Pennsylvannia. The outdoor kitchen hosts boxes of herbs ready for the touch of the chef’s hands, as well as industry standard appliances and a station for canning. Because he loves entertaining, Garce created a large deck to accommodate his guests.

What’s your dream kitchen? Does it reflect your personality and needs? I’d love to hear your comments below.

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