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If you are one of those that loved Halloween but doesn’t necessarily love decorating for it, then this post is for you! Hi there, its Sara from Twelve On Main.  I love Halloween, especially since I had children of my own.  It has brought a whole new excitement to the holiday.  But…..I love to keep my home beautiful, chic, and stylish.  I will dare to say that these two things don’t necessarily go hand in hand.  Halloween is a really fun holiday to decorate for, if you like all the scary and spooky decorations.  But, there are ways to create chic Halloween décor that keeps you festive for the holiday.

I have 5 chic ways to decorate for Halloween today that are great ways to decorate for Halloween without compromising your aesthetic.

A few tips that I would offer to create a chic Halloween space is to keep it simple, add neutral colors, as well as focus on one object being the focal point and keeping the colors to a minimum.  Say you add a few black bats hanging from your front door, or some simple black pumpkins to a table.  They can look chic while being simple and festive.

The first chic way to decorate your home for Halloween is with a simple, yet appropriate themed wreath.  Last year, I did not want to decorate for Halloween like I had in the past, and my kids started to complain!  So, I whipped up a quick wreath that blended seamlessly into my outdoor décor.  I made this grapevine wreath, with dollar store crows.   Check out the full tutorial here.

My friend Kathy from Up To Date Interiors has some really great chic Halloween décor ideas, and here is one example.  I love these simple black pumpkins sitting atop some chic candlesticks.  It had that Halloween vibe without going completely crazy with the Halloween décor.

SOURCE: Up to Date Interiors

SOURCE: Up to Date Interiors

Now, check out this gorgeous fall entry complete with white pumpkins, simple black tree branches, and bats!  I love the way they all contrast against the black console.  It is a great way to create chic Halloween décor.

How about this chic black pom pom garland?  It would be a great addition to your Halloween décor, without screaming ITS HALLOWEEN!  I love it, and I think I may just have to make some! My friend Kathy at Up to Date Interiors has done it again with this pom pom Halloween décor.

The last example of chic Halloween décor that I wanted to show you was this home bombarded with pumpkins. Using one material, the pumpkins, and keeping them as the focal point, it created a chic outdoor space. They have presence and are such a fun Halloween addition. I think that if I came across this home I would just have to stop and say Hi!


So, if you are looking for some really chic ways to decorate your home for Halloween, try a few of these out and be the talk of the neighborhood!  People are sure to take notice.  Have a great day!

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