Choosing an Accent Color for Your Décor

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Image: Chelsea Hing

Color; there’s just so much to be said about color. “Changing color is one of the fastest ways to change the mood of a space.” “Red in the dining room enlivens appetite.” “Painting the ceiling a lighter color will help your room seem taller.” What haven’t we already heard about color? Well, while this post won’t necessarily be breaking new ground, we can all use a reminder from time to time of what some of our favorite colors can do for interior décor, especially when it comes to choosing an accent color.


Blue is the color of the sea and the sky, and is a terrific accent color to use in spaces where you desire a greater sense of calm. There are certain variations of blue that feel more electric and energizing; those are great for adding a vibrant but unusual pop of color. The blue sofa in this image provides a sense of nighttime sky—even when the sun is streaming in the window.


Choosing an Accent Color to Use in Your Decor - on The Interior CollectiveImage: Oxford Atelier

Orange is available in so many interesting shades, but it is one of the more misunderstood colors (maybe it’s that hazard cone association?) However, used thoughtfully as an accent, orange can be a real benefit to your design. This color in any variation will always be associated with action, so including these two burnt orange chairs in a living room makes terrific sense if you’re looking to spark conversation.


Choosing an Accent Color to Use in Your Decor - on The Interior CollectiveImage: Usual House

The color of sunshine, literally, yellow brings a sense of uplift and energy anywhere it’s used. This space would be boring (but still beautiful) without an accent color somewhere, and these yellow butterfly chairs immediately invite carefree lounging and happy relaxation.


Choosing an Accent Color to Use in Your Decor - on The Interior CollectiveImage: RLRB

The color most associated with nature and growth, green may be the most popular accent color. What doesn’t go with green? Because it’s so ubiquitous, I always appreciate when it’s tweaked to bring more interest— as seen here with a bright citrus-y green. This sofa looks like springtime breaking out after a long winter. So I guess you could say this article turned out to be ground-breaking after all.

What accent colors do you use, and why?

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