Colorful Clawfoot Tubs

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Image: Apartment Therapy / Breanne Johnsen

Ever since moving into my first apartment on my own, I've dreamed of having a clawfoot tub as the centerpiece of my bathroom. They always have such a presence about them, an I-dare-you-not-to-notice-me attitude almost. Which means there's really only one thing that could give such a thing even more charisma – COLOR!

Colorful Clawfoot Tubs

Image: The Brick House

From subtle earthen hues to bold brights, a coat of color brings what could be viewed as a dated fixtures into the modern day. I love the idea of tiling and painting the entire space white with exception to the clawfoot. Make it the focal point since it already (literally) carries so much visual weight!

Colorful Clawfoot Tubs

Image: Design*Sponge / April Cochran Smith

There are few things more enticing than a long soak in a deep tub, beverage at arm's length and book in hand. I could spend many an hour in any one of these spaces and walk away feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Colorful Clawfoot Tubs

Image: Design*Sponge / Corbin Lee Ghurkin

Red is such an unexpected color, but I love what it brings to the room above. That glorious clawfoot tub almost begins to blend in when brought up against the same shade used elsewhere in the bathroom. So though I would love my someday tub to stand out, this is a perfect example of how to integrate it into a space in a more subtle way.

Colorful Clawfoot Tubs

Image: House & Home / Michael Graydon

Of course the classiest, most sophisticated and classic option is a stunning matte black. Bring a touch of luxe to your bath by accenting it with gold fixtures for the ultimate decor experience.

What color would you paint your clawfoot tub? Or would you leave it as is?

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