Corner Office: Unusual Locations for Your Home Workspace

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Image: SF Girl By Bay

It seems like everyone works from home these days, at least part of the time. If you’re struggling to find a home office or workspace, let’s see if we can grab some inspiration from how others have managed to do it—and let’s do it in style. Take, for example, the above: what looks to have at one time perhaps been a greenhouse addition is beautifully converted into an outstanding home office. That’s the kind of lateral thinking that makes working where you live a joy.

Bar None

Bar Desk
Image: Kimber Modern

If you think there are limits or rules about where you can set up shop at home, think again. Combining your desk with the bar area in your home might seem a bit odd at first, but on further reflection makes a curious kind of sense. Unless you’re a burgeoning Hemmingway, you’re not likely to be using this space for both work and drinking at the same time; so why not make a single area in your home serve double duty—for daytime and evening activities?

In the Attic

Attic Office
Image: Johan Selle on Divaani Blogit

This converted attic space makes for a terrific work area, especially since it is defined so well by the chimney rising through the room. Tucked away in this quiet corner, I can imagine getting plenty of my daily tasks accomplished.

All In One

Home Office

Some folks need to keep their lives contained all in one space, and must have the bedroom double as the home office. What better way to do that than to also have your desk double as a bedside table? It’s the height of efficiency—especially if you’re the type who has the best ideas in the middle of the night!

Where have you found to position your home workspace?

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