Could Chartreuse Be the Next 'It' Color?

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Image : Decor Pad

Sometimes a color seems to come out of nowhere and show up on our radar. I’ve noticed chartreuse coming out of left field lately. It’s a more muted, golden/mustard version, which is more workable than its neon iterations. Lets take a look.

The color pops beautifully in this bathroom, and the unapologetic, pink shower curtain is fantastic against it. When you’re going for a color like chartreuse, it is not the time to be demure in your other decorating choices!

Image: Graham & Brown

Here’s another example of pairing two bright colors. Each color could be the focus of a room on its own, but they become even more amazing when paired together.

Image: Apartment Therapy

An Apartment Therapy reader named Stacey submitted her living room to their site recently. She has a vivid sense of color, painting the wall lavender and using hits of mint green and tangerine. But it was that couch that really stood out.

Do you think it’s time for chartreuse to take center stage? And would you be so bold as to use it in your home?


  1. I’ve always been crazy for it and have some in every room in the house – not the mustard-y version though – more like granny smith apple/young lettuce. I have a wall of windows on one end of the house both upstairs and down and both are painted with it. Looks great when it’s dull outside, super with snow, and still lovely and fresh in summer! Looks so great with purple too.

  2. I am working up the courage to have my sofa reupholstered in chartreuse. I have loved it for 10 years but now that it could be a trend I am a bit concerned. I don’t want to be bombarded with everything chartreuse only to be sick of it in 6 months time….

  3. Just so long as it is mixed with complementary colors; a little can go a long way.

  4. I love chartreuse and have it in different spots. My dining chairs and kitchen door are painted Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Vibrations, the perfect shade.

  5. Chartreuse has been my favorite color for at least the last 15 years!

  6. i certainly hope so. what a bright way to start the winter season when everything is dreary.

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