Cowboy Up: Western-Inspired Decor

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Image: Skull Mag

Finding new ways to achieve interior design success is a never-ending task. First of all, the preferences of the individual need to be considered. Then, there is the vast number of different aesthetic interpretations to take into account. And, of course, there are issues of scale, harmony, geography, sourcing, and—never last and never least—budget. With all of those variables in play, it’s a wonder any projects make it to conclusion. Today, we’re looking at Western-inspired décor to see how this specific design concept can be interpreted in different ways given preferences, aesthetics, scale, harmony… you get the idea.

The Whole Enchilada

Cowboy Up: Western-Inspired Decor

Image: The Cavender Diary

This Western-inspired décor combines the exuberance of layering with the sophistication of Ralph Lauren. This is the bedroom of the Cavender Boys, who are known for being smart DIY-ers that understand how to mix fabrics, graphics, and real-world needs. They’ve whipped up a stylish experience in each room of their Dallas abode. Is it for everyone? Not really, which is why there are other examples ahead.

Leaning on Tradition

Cowboy Up: Western-Inspired Decor

Image: Barefoot

This refined sitting area owes much to the detailed woodwork and smart paint job. Painting the entire room, including the interior off the fireplace, in a subtle but modern blue adds a contemporary feel to the space. Add Navaho-inspired fabrics similar to our first example, plus some antlers and plenty of Western textures (the leather chair and wooden box table), and you have a new interpretation of Cowboy Chic.

Make Mine Modern

Cowboy Up: Western-Inspired Decor

Image: Marissa Maharaj for Need Supply Co.

The big photo of Glenn Ford (an epic Western movie star), the colorful throw and graphic pillows, and the cow skin rug all come together to create a whispering Western influence in this modern room. A far cry from our first example, this space is still undeniably Western.

Your Own Inspiration

Cowboy Up: Western-Inspired Decor

One of the great things about interior décor is that you can always interpret a style through whatever inspiration speaks to you. This space might not seem overtly Western, but it calls back to many of the fabrics and textures we’ve seen in earlier examples, plus it has a very strong graphic appeal reminiscent of the opening title of “The Wild Wild West” (the television show, not the movie).

What’s your way to go Western?

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