Curb Appeal: 4 Stunning Walkway Concepts

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Curb appeal says just as much about a home as the interior does. Though most tend to go for a traditional subdued landscape design, a walkway or driveway is a prime location to set the tone for what the rest of the home will convey stylistically.

When it comes to getting creative with outdoor space, these four walkway design concepts—which break from the norm—are definitely a step in the right direction.

Rolling Stone

Stone Walkway

Image: Earth Stone Midwest

Not all walkways are created equal. Earth Stone Midwest—an Illinois-based stone re-manufacturer—goes the eco-friendly route to produce their materials. They collect leftover stone from area shops to use as building materials, construct recycled wall coverings, and build grand walkways. Earth Stone’s materials add class to any home’s exterior and establish a home’s ambience before one enters the front door.

Stone Patio

Image: Earth Stone Midwest

Image: Earth Stone Midwest

Happy Trails

Image: Saint Dizier Design

If you don’t want to interrupt the natural composition of your property, a wooden walkway could still add structure to your outdoor space. Reclaimed wood and repurposed crates are the perfect materials for constructing a wooden outdoor walkway; it will make a home more inviting and slightly intriguing.

Follow The Light

Lighted Walkway

Image: Paver Light

Is your home the go-to place for neighborhood parties and functions? Illuminated residential pathways are ideal for those that host evening events; they cast a semi-seductive glow along the path. Go bold with large, brightly lit tiles, or subtle with several low-voltage path lights installed along the walkway.

Street Art

Mosaic WalkwayHouzz

Let your imagination soar by incorporating an eclectic stone mosaic in your home’s walkway. Using a variety of colored stones and varying textures in customized walkway mosaics will fill them with personality and can easily set your home apart from the others on the block.

Do you have an idea for a unique walkway design? Tell us about it in the comments!

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