Danish Modern: It’s Back

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The prevailing home furniture trend of my early-1960s childhood, Danish Modern, has been making a resurgence in contemporary interiors over the past few years. I must say this makes me quite happy. Danish Modern style is heavily influenced by the successes of mid-century modern design masters like Finn Juhl and Hans Wegner. Thrust onto the world stage due to inclusion in high-profile design projects like the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the style became so popular that it trickled down into even the most modest of homes. Taking a look at how Danish Modern is being used again today, it’s easy to see why.

Today’s Den

The space above is today’s version of the typical American 1960s low-slung ranch style home, from to the vaulted ceilings and built-in bookshelves, to the Danish Modern furnishings. Featuring wooden frames and upholstered cushions, this epitomizes the idea of easy living from 50 years ago.

International Influence

Danish Modern: It’s Back

Image: MazenStudioforMosaic

Here’s another example of the same concept, but in what appears to be a smaller space—perhaps an urban apartment. Mixing in some pieces carrying International Style influence like the lamp and coffee table give the space a sense of having been created over time using the best of mid-century designs. The throw pillows on the sofa signal another important facet of Danish Modern: housewares.

Beyond Furniture

Danish Modern: It’s Back

Image: Chris Tubbs for Dwell

Along with the strong influence Danish Modern had in the home furniture arena, there was also a love of fun patterns and brighter colors introduced into homewares. I don’t know that I’m ready to lay the blame for all those harvest gold and avocado green kitchens at the feet of Danish Modern design, but there’s no doubt the style helped play a part there. This modern reinterpretation of some of the more memorable kitchen styles manages to pay homage without being stomach-turning.

Bold Housewares

Danish Modern: It’s Back

Image: Australian Business Traveller

I also fondly remember kitchenware and everyday serving pieces bearing bold graphics and colorful styles such as this—which is being used today by Finnish airline, Finnair. Danish Modern is the style; bring some into your home and maybe it will make you smile, just as it has done for me.

Are you a fan of Danish Modern?

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  1. I adore Danish Modern, and my living room and dining room boast many authentic pieces. Danish modern is clean and simple, yet richly warm from beautiful teak and organic, eye-following curves. True Scandinavian pieces exhibit hardwearing craftsmanship. It looks almost timeless – as good design does.

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