From Dated to Devine: A Sweeten Kitchen Reno

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We open this Sweeten transformation story with a drab and cramped one-bedroom apartment in Washington Heights. When Jane purchased the space, the post-war apartment had a walled-off kitchen, vinyl flooring and original  1950s cabinets—but not in the fun, retro sort of way.  Coupled with the absence of functional counter space and chipped white paint on the radiator, one message was loud and clear: it was time for a makeover. Like a magical fairy godmother, Sweeten swooped in and paired Jane with an architect to give her space a much-needed facelift.

The architect’s first move was to knock down the non-loadbearing wall between the kitchen and the living room. He also managed to shift the oven over about a foot to create additional counter space between the oven and sink. When it was all said and done, the architect took the kitchen space from 76 square feet to a total of 91. The new open layout allows for a continuous flow from the kitchen to the foyer.

2141 Blizzard

A bright white Blizzard countertop complements the light color palette used in this modern space. The architect adds dimension and warmth to the kitchen with a large window and wooden kitchen peninsula. “The peninsula is great because it allows me to entertain guests in the kitchen and in the living area,” says Jane.

Design Tip: Use a slightly darker paint color for bottom cabinets to make your space feel even larger.

To top it all off, a single light pendant near the window and a streamlined custom radiator cover keep the space looking fresh and unique.

The newly renovated space is clean, bright and open. “I’m very pleased with my new kitchen,” Jane says. We just have one question for Jane - when can we visit?


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