Décor Throwback: Louvered Windows

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Louvered windows, also called Jalousie windows (and I’d love to know why, so if you know, please leave a comment!), are one of those décor items that take me back to my childhood. Living in south Texas and traveling through the US and Mexico with my family and our travel trailer hitched to the back of the Buick, I was very familiar with the popular crank-out glass windows of the time. They maximized airflow while keeping out most of the elements; one of my all-time favorite memories is when a storm rolled through and the louvered windows were open to let in all that cool, moist air without drenching everything.

And, like the saying goes, everything old is new again: louvered windows are being used again in modern homes and looking terrific—even when they seem to be the same as what I grew up with all those years ago.

Modern Architectural Feature

This first example shows off how louvered windows are being used in modern architecture to provide a compelling design feature and bookend an expanse of static windows along the façade.

Décor Throwback- Louvered Windows on the Interior CollectiveImage: Chantel Concei on Contemporist

Provide a Connection

Here we have a kitchen wall made up mostly of louvered windows looking out on—and essentially connecting with—the pool and patio area of a relaxed modern home. What better way to keep an eye on (and be able to instantly communicate with) family and friends in the back yard?

Décor Throwback- Louvered Windows on the Interior CollectiveImage: Dook on Dwell

Ventilation with Style

This kitchen uses multiple louvered windows to help create ventilation. The entire home, which is located near the equator, uses louvered windows.
Décor Throwback- Louvered Windows on the Interior CollectiveImage: Brett Boardman for Christopher Polly Architect

A Different Solution

And here’s a novel window idea—something that has taken the standard design and literally turned it on its side. What an unusual and interesting design. A far cry from the old travel trailer, believe me!

Do you have louvered windows in your home?

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