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Hi everyone! This is Coco of COCOCOZY blog. I am guest blogging once again here on Interior Collective and I am so thrilled to be back.

Today, I bring you a post about decorating in black and white. Black and white color schemes have been a very popular trend over the years in home décor; however, pulling them off takes just the right touch. It is not just as simple as putting a bunch of black and white things into a room, painting a wall all white, adding in a black lamp, and then calling it a day. If done wrong, black and white interiors can feel a little circus like or too cold; but, if done right, black and white home decor can be elegant, chic, sophisticated, and full of personality.

Today, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to properly decorate with black and white. Hope these help!

Tip 1 - Soften Your Blacks & Whites

Image: Birch & Bird

Who says that black and white decorating means you have to use the purest blacks and absolute whites in order to achieve the look? I think not! Take this entry hall for example: The black door is definitely black, but it is a dusty shade of black - a soft black that looks like it has been worn over time. It contrasts nicely with the soft white wall, and the dark gray and white tiles. In this space, the black and white decorating look is achieved with a filter of sorts.

Tip 2 - Use Soft Textures

Image: Agent Bauer/Lotta Agaton

Black and white are two very strong statement colors. They can feel cold and stark if used improperly. If you are going for a pure black and white look, make sure to warm up the space with inviting cozy textures. The living room above is a great example of this. By including some squishy pillows, a nice fluffy rug, soft seating, and a few plants in the design, this black and white room looks like an inviting cozy space.

Tip 3 - Gloss It Up

Image: Lovely Life

Glossy black is always eye catching in small doses. In a white room, paint one smaller surface a glossy black. In this kitchen, the glossy black wood floor works – it actually warms up the space. Plus, it also makes a bold design statement. I am partial to glossy black doors or window trim, or even a shiny black fireplace mantel too!


What are your ideas for great black and white décor? Comment below for a chance to win a COCOCOZY pillow!

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  1. I love black and white when it is paired with plants/foliage and natural wood tones. It looks so pieced together and is stunning!

  2. Andrea Elliott, loves the contrast of black and white, very classic. Would love to have a staircase with glossy black banister, bright white walls and steel window with the touch of a kelly green tree peeking through.

  3. Adding green plants or some sort of foliage to a black and white space is a great way to indiscreetly introduce color and texture to a room, without interfering with the color palette.

  4. I think a soft black with a creamy white gives a room a timeless feeling. Not too stark, but grounded.

  5. Love black and white! In decorating and clothing, I always seem drawn to it!

  6. You have inspired me once again, COCOCOZY. I’ve just moved (again), and black and white will surely liven up my vanilla-box space. And after seeing the first photo, I do think I’m going to go with white curtains. Thank you!

  7. I am a big fan of black and white patterned rugs. They pull a space together in a classy way.

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