Design Ideas for Teen Rooms

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The transition from child to tween to full on teenager is a tough one. Fortunately, taking a child’s room design from something juvenile to something that is swoon worthy is not as hard as you might think. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Clear Everything Out

Even if you are using some of the furniture again, pull it out of the room. When you have a blank space it is easier to look at things with new eyes. Determine what is an absolute must use and see what can easily be replaced.

Hit Up Your Goodwill

So let’s say getting a new bed is out of the question. Head to your local thrift store and find a new headboard for $15. It doesn't have to be expensive to be amazing!

Pinterest is Your Friend

Have your teen start a room design Pinterest board – this will give you the vibe they are searching for. Do they want something that is colorful? Calming? Comfy?

Add Basic Room Elements

Every room should have these four elements:

1. A Feature Wall

Feature Wall
Image: Emily Clark

This sets the tone for the entire space, and is where things get really fun. Don't be afraid to use color here (but make sure you don't go color crazy… Punky Brewster was not a teenager).

2. A place to sit

Bright Colored Rooms
Image: Bolig Magasinet

Depending on the size of the room, it may be as big as a couch, or it may be as small as a stack of floor pillows. When their friends come over they need a place to sit.

3. Comfy Bedding

Teen Room
Image: Serena & Lily

Sometimes teenagers are like toddlers. They need a nap/timeout. Give them a comfy place to rest.

4. A place for personality

Chalk Board Wall
Image: Apartment Therapy

Message centers are great for organizing homework, pictures, and things they love. Think outside the box. I love this chalkboard wall treatment; its funky and different. The good news is that you are not working with a child who is devoted to Dora the Explorer anymore, so let them help with the design decisions!

Do you have pictures of your teen’s room? Share pictures with us or leave your link in the comments below!

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