Design Lessons from One of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Image: SUR

Global Find Create an Eclectic Vibe

Sur Restaurant Dining
Images: SUR

For SUR’s recent renovation and expansion, Vanderpump set out to make a singular statement while maintaining the same atmosphere as the restaurant’s previous design. “I wanted to follow the vibe of my existing restaurant… but carve out a niche in design that would make a statement in West Hollywood,” she comments on SUR’s website. The result is a series of lavish spaces that transports diners around the globe through antiques and found objects. Old railway sleepers mix with French pillows, worn religious artifacts, and crystal chandeliers. At SUR, you’re bound to discover a bit of everything!

Mixing Old and New: Take a Seat at SUR’s Lux Bar

Sur Restaurant Lux Bar
Image: SUR

In contrast with the old, Lisa incorporated new furnishings and materials in SUR’s redesign. In perhaps one of the restaurant’s most dramatic statements, Lisa finished the bar area in glass mosaic tiles and topped the bar itself in Caesarstone’s Belgian Moon, a rich black hue with flecks of Hollywood sparkle. Not only was the color a perfect complement to her design, but Caesarstone’s durability made it the optimal choice for a busy bar top.

Design Lessons from a Real Housewife

Sur Restaurant Seating
Image: SUR

From the ultra-glam bar to slipcovered dining chairs, SUR offers a few key lessons in design:

  1. Sometimes it’s more about mood than anything. Rather than a specific aesthetic, Lisa worked to achieve a mood through her selection of furnishings and accessories.
  2. While old objects can add character, new products can add durability. Topped by Caesarstone quartz, SUR’s bar can endure years of Hollywood hangouts and merriment.
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, regardless of what the “it” may be. Lisa fearlessly blended décor of different periods, origins, and styles to create SUR’s eclectic interiors.

What do you think of SUR’s new look?

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  1. Where can I buy the glass tile used in Lisa Vanderpumps Sur Lux bar????

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