Designer Spotlight: Jae Omar

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When it comes to design, Jae Omar can do no wrong. Equal parts artist and craftsman, the Boston-born creator’s work can be best described as eclectic-minimalism, as he often explores common design ideas with a fresh, daring, approach.

From crafting bespoke furniture and curating modern spaces, to his distinct line of award-winning Sonobath vessel sinks made from Caesarstone, Jae’s artistry has made the Southern California-based designer a commodity amongst his A-list clientele. Jae’s projects are as polished as they come, with an impressive range of expertise that you just have to see to believe.

The Sinks

Modern Sink
Image: Interior Design

There are sinks, and then there are Sonobath vessel sinks, which seamlessly blur the lines between high fashion and function. Using Caesarstone’s incomparable quartz surfaces, Omar’s architecturally inspired Sonobath collection has six distinctive offerings. Pictured is his HYDROS design in Caesarstone’s sophisticated Motivo Crocodile surface. The unmistakable sink designs can be found in top resorts and restaurants across the country. They’re not only eye-catching, but also earth-friendly.

The Interiors

Minimalist Furniture
Image: Jae Omar Design

Warm, inviting, and intimate interiors are Jae Omar’s forte. The highly skilled designer uses natural elements to reflect his clients’ distinct tastes and needs. While the specific features for each space will vary, natural light, open floor plans, wood finishes, and custom furniture are all key indicators of a Jae Omar curated room.

The Furniture

Modern Furniture
Image: Jae Omar Design

Jae Omar’s custom furniture designs are the basics reimagined; he revamps classic silhouettes for the modern buyer. Whether he’s carving sleek, symmetrical, lines into a traditional teak hardwood dining table, or designing a versatile indoor/outdoor contemporary lounge, Jae’s unique furniture balances structure and functionality with impeccable styling.

Ask Jae Omar a Question!

Jae Omar

This week Jae will be answering any questions you have about creating custom contemporary work for your home as well as product design. Click here to ask a question!

Visit Jae Omar Designs to see more of his work.

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