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As a “jack of all trades,” Ty Pennington is known to make magic happen, whether by fashioning bookshelves in record time or leading an extreme home makeover. In either case, he does it with a unique blend of energy and enthusiasm that makes renovation feel like a happy adventure. Sawdust, pounding hammers, and the buzz of construction—he meets it all with a smile—using design to change lives.

Trading Spaces

Ty is widely known as the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but many also recognize the Atlanta, Georgia native as the carpentry miracle worker of TLC’s Trading Spaces (e.g., “Hey, Ty. Can you build a custom armoire with two sheets of plywood, legs from a recycled coffee table, and picture frames? Oh, and I need that in 30 minutes.”) Whatever the request, he always manages to get the job done, receiving hugs and high-fives from grateful homeowners along the way.

Image: Entertainment Room from Extreme Makeover via

Image: Modern Living Room from Extreme Makeover via

Extreme Home Makeover

The design challenges of Trading Spaces undoubtedly prepared him for the greater ones ahead, top-to-bottom home renovations for more than deserving families. As the host of Extreme Makeover, Ty and his team performed the nearly impossible task of completely rebuilding homes in less than a week. The results were transformational for both the homes and the families living there. It’s an idea that Ty would come to repeat in other home improvement series, most notably in Homes for the Brave, a British design show that tackled the homes of veterans from the Afghanistan war.

Image: Ty Pennington for Howard Miller via

Aside from television, Ty continues to inspire people through various design projects and collaborations. These include fabrics for Westminster, furniture for Howard Miller, flooring for Lumber Liquidators, and home décor for Sears. He also regularly posts to his blog at where he offers design tips as well as messages of hope and encouragement. For Ty, design is merely the vehicle for positively changing lives. When asked what makes him tick, he notes, “It’s about the joy of doing things for others.”

Ask Ty Pennington a Question!

This week TY Pennington will be answering questions about do-it-yourself and home projects. Ask him a question HERE.


  1. hello ty, when you coming to my house please help me made wish ok

  2. If you started a TV / video streaming show about how to transform an a space with potential into: Wow!! I’d be among the first to watch.

  3. Hi Ty
    My name is sthandwa from South africa I’m 26years old.I’ve been writting to you since I think you could be of help to me and my family.I’m living with my mom,4sisters and their kids at home and we have a big house that my brother built for us and a huge yard in the farm,I’m the fourth child in the family and have 2kids of my own I’m the only one who went to university but now it like I wasted my time cause I can’t find a proper job!I grew up with my brother in the same house and I was the only one living there with him and his kids,when he passed on I dicided to bring all my family members back home after he had past cause the house was too big for just me and I tought together we could improve the house!but all of that is fading since I can’t even afford to do anything without a job.I’m a qualified marketer with a markerting diploma but don’t have the actual paper cause of the amount I’m still owing to the university which they dicide to put me I credit bereur after I couldent pay for the outstanding fees on my own,my brother was the one helping me with my education and after he past I couldent go on paying for myself and I lost my job recently after he passed on I know I have to be strong for everyone including my older sisters and my mom but I can’t I sometimes ask god why he had to take my one thing that gave me a reason to go on in life and left me with too much responsibility that I can take care of!when I have part time jobs I try to get paint,fix windows,buy doors just to keep the house going but it too much I’m can safely say I’m failing but I can’t admit to my sisters cause they will see me as a failure,I mean I’m in the point where I can’t go on I just feel like running away but again how and where will I go leaving home like this,I mean I can tell you now that all my family policies has lapsed and we don’t even have a funeral policy and I can’t even save for my kids because of my family burden,anyone please help it can be not you Ty cause you are so far but email is any help would do and for me personaly I think I need to accept my brother is not comming back I know it but I keep on wishing I could wake up and see it wass all just a dream,I miss him so much.please when you decide to do or reach out to some families in south africa don’t forget me!

  4. not spam home PC

  5. Ty
    I have seen floors done by covering them with pennies. I love the look ! My question is what do you need to do to the floor to prep it and what would I put on top of the pennies to finish the floor ? Acrylic I was thinking just not sure. Thanx for all you do !

  6. I have email ty about helping an elderly man by getting back in his home. He is in a wheel chair and can’t come home until his ramp is built and bathroom is done so he can maneuver around. Medicare turned him down 3 times and paying $1,000 a day because he can’t come home! Please please help. the medical bills are piling up!

  7. Hey Ty my dads house is falling in around him a little at a time because of how pore of shape it’s in I have lost 4 children to dhs and I don’t get to see my olds due to her dad not allowing me too please come to iowa my dad lives in milford iowa and he has a false hip and his house is a tripping haserd for him can you help

  8. my wife like in uk

  9. me look you make building house nice . i m like house . i m miss you . my wife Anne have full Blind and deaf .. and my name David Ashman have deaf .. i m live in england . i m bless man

  10. Hey TY ,
    i moved into a small guesthouse . No living room. Have a small closet , an armoire , most of my shoes are in a plastic rolling storage bin in the kitchen .
    Can you help with storage ideas that doesn’t make the place look cluttered ?
    Thank you,

  11. i would like to know how u pick houses to fix my wife has cancer since 2006 ok home owner dropped us after my house was robbed not once but twice ok no one will help us. police said they cant do anything me and my wife need your help please

  12. Hiya Ty,

    Looove Ceasarstone! It’s the best, and we often use with our clients.
    We had heard that the quartz was blessed as it left the quarry, by a rabbi?!
    True? Or dang it was someone pulling my leg again(gotta work on the gullibility) ?
    Totally enjoy all you do, if you ever need a kitchen, vanity, or sexy Canadian
    Furniture, look us up online or when you’re next in T.O.!

  13. Hi Ti!
    Soooooo…….when are you coming to my house??? I could use some help.

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