DIY Stencilled Tea Towels

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I have a really fun DIY project for you today!  First, I will back up.  My name is Sara and I blog regularly at my website Twelve On Main.  I love to create fun and easy DIYs and crafts as well as whole room remodels.  I am a big fan of the farmhouse style, so you will notice most of my projects reflect that.  Doing simple and easy DIYs are a great way to customize your home without spending a ton of money.  That is where my DIY stenciled tea towels come into play.

I often have a hard time finding towels that fit my style or my personality.  I love to create customized tea towels for my kitchen as a way to express my own creativity.  Now, whether you are a DIY novice and don’t have much experience or do these things on a daily basis like me, you can do this!  It’s so easy!

Here are the products you need to create these DIY stenciled tea towels:

  • Tea Towels (Walmart is a great place to find these for cheap!)
  • Stencil (Use a design you want, I found Plaid has some really great ones)
  • Stencil paint brush
  • Fabric Paint
  • A piece of cardboard, the size of your stencil

Take your tea towels and fold the into thirds.  This is how I generally hang my towels in my kitchen so this is how I fold them to stencil.

I find the spot I want to stencil the design, generally centered on the towel, eyeballing it is a great way to do it.

Now, you want to insert the piece of cardboard in between the tea towel so that when you stencil it, you don’t risk the paint bleeding onto the other side of the towel.

Once you have the card board secured and the tea towel nice and flat, you can lay your stencil on and place it where you want.

Now, take your stenciling paint brush, and apply some fabric paint to it by lightly dabbing into the paint.  You want to dab off the extra paint because if you have too much, it will make a mess of your stencil job.

Apply the paint by tapping straight up and down with the brush, do not apply it like a regular paint brush or the paint will get smudged under the stencil.

Keep applying the paint until you get the look you want.  I like a slightly uneven look, so I did not cover it completely.  Once that is done you can take the stencil off.  Once the paint is dry you can take out the cardboard.  Fabric paint generally dries fast, especially if it’s a thin layer.

I recommend following the paint's instructions.  Mine said to prewash my fabric then once the paint is applied let it dry for 72 hours and then wash it.  Each paint may be different.

I love this technique.  Its such a great way to customize your kitchen.  And just think, nobody will have the same towels as you.  They will be completely unique!

I chose not to make matching towels, but you totally can.  I like the combination one with a fun design and then one with a quote or something similar.

I hope you try this fun and easy DIY!  I love the way mine look in my kitchen.  Have a great day!

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