A Dream Kitchen Remodel Come True

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Most of us can relate to the pleasant feeling of discovering a new coffee shop or bookstore while strolling through the neighborhood, but how many people are lucky enough to stumble across a dreamy residential complex while they’re looking to move? We can name two: Sonali and Shalaj.

Sonali, a consultant, and Shalaj, an investment banker, put in an offer for a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom co-op in the Southbridge Towers Complex located in the Financial District in Manhattan. Quickly thereafter, they transitioned into their new roles as homeowners.

Excited as the young couple was to own their own space, the complete overhaul needed to renovate the drab design seemed daunting. They posted their project on Sweeten and were matched with a general contractor who helped them map out their project scope and timeline.

5031 Statuario Maximus

Because Sonali and Shalaj both love to entertain and cook, they decided to devote most of their budget and efforts towards the kitchen. They knocked down a wall between the kitchen and living room in order to create a more fluid and connected living space.

An all-white color scheme ensures this kitchen looks anything but dated. The Statuario Maximus countertops atop the peninsula add sophistication and intrigue.

5031 Statuario Maximus

The contractor installed under-cabinet LED lights with dimmers in order to accentuate the white subway tile backsplash behind the sink and highlight the fresh, crisp lines used throughout the kitchen design.

By taking out the guest bedroom closet adjacent to the master bedroom, Sonali and Shalaj were able to double their closet space. Wide-plank, oak hardwood floors were installed throughout the apartment, which just so happen to blend in perfectly with their dog, Tyson’s, fur—every pet owner’s dream.

Similar to the kitchen, a modern color palette is used in the sleek bathroom. Black hexagonal floor tile was added for character and contrast beautifully against the all-white walls. 

A dip-dyed shower curtain brings a flair of personality to the young couple’s urban abode.

“A friend of ours had advised us to set aside a 30% buffer on top of our budget. The advice came in handy as that was almost exactly the amount we went over by,” says Sonali. Having extra money set aside allowed the couple to replace the AC unit and splurge on luxury kitchen appliances. “We love our new space,” she continues. “[We] feel lucky to find a home in our favorite neighborhood and to add our personal touch to the layout and materials.”

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